Why Is My Hair Poofy After I Straighten It?  

by Sally Beauty

The common problem that every girl faces is poofy hair. You might have noticed that after straightening your hair look poofy, frizzy, and rough. Have you ever thought about why this happens?

Well, because everyone has a different hair type, as soon as you start straitening your hair due to the straightener's heat, your hair will slowly start to damage. Your hairs will lose their shine and smoothness and will begin to dry. That dryness will become fizziness, and your hair will start looking poofy. 

This is what our topic is about today; in this article, we guide you "Why does your hair look poofy after straightening it?" Moreover, we will give you a solution to your poofy hairs, so keep reading this blog. 

Why Does Hair Become Dry After Straightening? 

Hair straighteners have a great danger of heat that will dry out your hair quickly. The fact that heat will eliminate moisture from your hair. Even steam straighteners, even though they're no longer as bad, still use heat to make your hair straightener. Straightener is widely used during styling. When you use styling tools, warmness enters the cubicle wall and damages it, exposing the internal cortex of your hair. This will cause your hair to emerge as dry and frizzy after straightening.

To protect your hair from heat, avoid straightening your hair daily and follow the techniques below.

How To Prevent Poofy Hair After Straightening?

There are many methods to protect your hair from heat damage, harm, and frizziness.

  • Check Your Product

When using shampoo alone, you might observe that your hair lacks moisture and will become dull, dry, and poofy because of this. This is because shampoo contains sulfate, a harsh cleaning agent. Sulfate strips your hair of its herbal oils, inflicting it to show dry. Using a straightener on dry hair will further turn your poofy, so it's important to use the right product to keep frizzy hair away. Try going for sulfate-lose shampoos or so-called 'low-poo'products. These are much less harsh on the scalp and hair and could assist fight any dryness. 

  • Always Use Conditioner

 A herbal conditioner created for your particular hair kind will ensure your hair stays glossy, clean, and healthy-searching. Using a conditioner enables you to save your tangles by smoothing the hair cuticles. This will make your hair extra achievable and simpler to fashion and forestall straightened hair from frizzing. A top-notch, light-weight, and inexpensive conditioner without silicone is the ideal choice for all types.

  • Understand Your Hair Type 

To avoid your hair from turning poofy once you straighten it, you must recognize your hair's porosity. You may have excessive porosity hair in case you get frizzy hair after straightening, so ensure you consider this. If you've got excessive porosity hair, your hair strands can get extra without problems soaking up and exuding moisture; however, they're extra without problems tormented by styling gear and chemical processes. Those with excessive porosity hair must consequently keep in mind the usage of sealants which include butter and oils, to guard the moisture of their hair. This will assist forestall straightened hair from frizzing because the hair strands could be heavier because of the coating and won't fly so much. 

  • Signs of high porosity hair

  1. Your hair regularly appears and feels dry
  2. You have tangles and frizz 
  3. You enjoy hair breakage
  4. Your hair regularly appears dull
  5. Your hair receives moist fast and tends to dry fast 
  6. Your hair absorbs merchandise and remedies fast 
  • Check Moisture Levels 

Hair will dry after straightening, so moisture improvement is a great idea. If you've got low porosity hair, you may be experiencing protein overload; because of this, you may gain from including extra moisturizing merchandise for your hair habitual and averting protein remedies. 

  • Check Protein Levels 

Alternatively, when you have excessive porosity hair, you may gain from including extra protein-packed merchandise into your habitual feature frame and volume. Try As I Am's Detangling Leave-In Conditioner. It enables beefing up hair and restores broken regions simultaneously, including shine. You may also use coconut oil as a part of your hair straightening habit. Coconut oil enables excessive porosity hair to keep moisture and aids in rebuilding limp and broken hair. Switching up your everyday merchandise can remove poofy hair once you straighten it. 

 How To Stop Straightened Hair From Frizzing?

Changing your washing habits may want to make all of the difference. Try a number of those tips: 

  • Finish With Cold Water

Finishing your hair habitual with a cold water rinse can save you poofy hair once you straighten it. This is because rinsing with bloodless water flattens the hair cuticles, which can lessen frizz and decorate shine. Doing this frequently can hold hair feeling moisturized and much less vulnerable to tangles. 

  • Weekly Deep Condition 

A weekly deep conditioning remedy is crucial to hold dry, coarse, or curly hair moisturized and complete with shine. As the climate is chillier, you'll lose crucial moisture out of your hair, making it appear poofy after straightening it. One of the full famous deep conditioning hair masks is the Banana Hair Food from Garnier. It's rich, inexpensive, and has a wonderful smell! Locking in that plenty-wished moisture is prime to getting smoother, extra achievable locks. If your hair begins off evolving to emerge as limp or susceptible, you then definitely would possibly gain from a deep conditioning remedy each 2 to a few weeks instead.

  • Brush The Right Way 

There's a proper and incorrect manner to sweep your hair, mainly while it's mostly due to the fact it's at this degree that the hair is maximumly vulnerable. Don't take a broom for your hair while dry due to the fact this will reason breakage and similar tangles. Instead, use your hands to detangle your hair or use a wide-enamel comb like this one. This will result in smoother hair. This is much less vulnerable to cut-up ends and similar harm. 

Prevent Frizz By Drying Hair The Correct Way 

  • Don't Let Your Hair Dry Before Blow Drying

If you're aiming for clean and glossy hair that's free from frizz, you want to blow dry your hair right away after washing. Curls start to shape as quickly because the hair begins off evolve to dry, so leaving it till after it's partly dry will make it tougher to gain straightened hair without being poofy. You also want to keep away from towel-drying your hair as this will result in excessively frizzy hair lacking moisture. If wished, use a t-blouse or a microfibre towel to eliminate a number of the extra water. 

  • Use A High-Quality Blow Dryer To Prevent Poofy Hair

Using a first-rate blow dryer with various temperatures and attachments will ensure you get the fashion you're searching for. It's excellent to search for a dryer with excessive-pace settings so that hair dries faster and plenty faster, which minimizes the period your hair is uncovered to warmness. This Babyliss hair dryer comes with a diffuser attachment that saves you frizz.

  • Blow Dry The Right Way

The manner you blow-dry your hair may be crucial because if executed incorrectly, this will reason immoderate frizz and dryness. An excellent manner of blowing dry hair is to apply a spherical brush and direct the airflow down the hair shaft to lessen frizz, decorate shine, and gain a smoother finish. The smoother the hair is after blow-drying, the simpler it will be to straighten it afterward. 

Perfect Straightening Methods

How to keep away from poofy hair once you straighten it

  • Use Ceramic Hair Straighteners 

If you've perfected your blow-drying approach, however, you will get poofy hair once you straighten it. You must keep in mind in case you're the usage of an excellent straightener for your hair. The Steam Hair Straightener and flat iron curler are some of the best on the market, which will reduce heat and the risk of heart.

  • Use A Straightening Cream

 One manner of accomplishing sleeker, smoother hair is to apply a straightening cream. Here's the excellent manner of applying it: 

  1. Wash your hair as typical and lightly eliminate any extra water. Brush your hair to make sure there aren't any knots or tangles. 
  1. Using a small quantity at first, rub the cream into your palms earlier than making use of it over your head, beginning from the roots to the ends. Make certain the product is sent flippantly by brushing it lightly via your hair.
  2. Part your hair in sections. Use a spherical brush to blow dry your hair and hold till the hair is absolutely dry.
  3. Finally, use a straightener to clean the hair cuticles and save any flyaways and frizz.
  • Use Heat Protectant

Heat protectant spray does precisely what it says – it protects your hair from warmness harm. Heat protectant creates a protecting layer across the hair shaft which minimizes the harm because of excessive temperatures. They will help you clean down the cuticles and grow hair's herbal shine, lowering the risk of poofy hair once you straighten it. 

  • Section Your Hair 

It's crucial to element the hair into small sections while drying and straightening the hair so that the warmth is sent flippantly at some stage in the hair. A not unusual place mistake that human beings make is sectioning the hair into larger sections questioning that this may keep their time and effort; however, unfortunately, the hair won't be very well straightened with this method. Smaller sections will ensure that you don't omit any hair strands or come to be with too many flyaways. If you've got thick hair, you couldn't pass this step! 

  • Leave Hair To Cool 

After you've straightened your hair, you are probably tempted to hold combing it or jogging your hands via it; however, this can grow frizz and the reason the hair loses its shape. Instead, depart it to get cool earlier than touching or styling it.

  • Seal Your Hair With Oils 

Additionally, sealing oils like grapeseed oil or castor oil could fasten in a few greater moisture and growth shine. Straightening dry hair can bring about hair that looks poofy and frizzy because of moisture loss. Using a great sealing oil will ensure your hair stays hydrated and healthy. 


Q1. How to get rid of poofy hair?

Ans. To get of poofy hair you need to follow these steps

  • Wash with cold water
  • Use conditioning shampoo
  • Use microfiber towel
  • Use wide-tooth comb
  • Use a blow dryer that uses ionic technology
  • Use hair mask 

Q2. How to make my hair less poofy?

Ans. To make your hair less poofy 

  • Use conditioner after every wash and leave it for some time
  • Let your hair dry naturally 
  • Don't use a blow dryer
  • Use a small amount of soothing balm on your hair

Q3. Why is my hair poofy after I straighten it?

Ans. This is because your hair is damaged, and damage occurs more when it is exposed to heat, especially during the styling process.

Q4. How to stop poofy hair?

Ans. To stop poofy hair use

  • sulfate-free shampoo
  • conditioner
  • Oil
  • Good quality styling products


Our experts shared the best ways to get rid of poofy hairs that usually show up after straightening. If you are looking for a high-quality styling, visit our website, which will help give you frizz-free hair after straightening.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask. We will be happy to help you. Thank you.



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