When Can I Wash My Hair After A Perm?

by Sally Beauty

If you make perms for the first time or want them done as soon as possible, this is the right stop. Since a perm involves a chemical treatment and has so much to do with it, there is a complete guide you must go through to make gorgeous perms, and it explains when you can wash your hair after a perm.

What is a Perm?

what is perm hair

Perm, also known as permanent, is a chemical treatment of hair that allows you to set curls into your previously straight hair. A perm can last several weeks to even months to give you a spectacular look, but sometimes this only lasts as long as your treated hair remains. 

Thereupon, your permanently curled hair grows out, and then you decide whether to perm your hair again or go for another new option. Perms have different shapes and sizes. So it is up to you to choose the perms that suit your personality. 

Having perms is easy, but washing hair after a perm is technical. Different types of perm involve other washing methods and give an entirely different look. You can go for the close and tight ringlets or loose waves.

Washing Your Hair After Perms: A Complete Guide

Washing Your Hair After Perms A Complete Guide

If you are looking to get your hair permed, here are some truths and myths regarding washing out your hair after perm and taking good care of your permed hair that you should be aware of. So, let's read the article and learn how long you should leave a perm before washing it. 

First - Wash Your Hair After 48 Hours Of Perming

How soon can I wash my hair after a perm? That's the most frequently asked question. Well, washing your hair after perms within 48 hours can only damage your curls and increase frizz in your hair. When you get your perms done in most salons, they ask you to wait for at least 48 hours before revealing your hair to water and shampoo. 

Now you might be thinking of the question can I wash my perm after 48 hours? So, if you have passed your hair before 48 hours, you will lose your perfect curls. Also, the original texture of your hair will take work. You get an uneven shape. 

Second - Wash Your Hair With A Shampoo After Perm

Since hair perming is the safest process, it leads to extreme dryness. The method of perming your hair involves using harsh chemicals that result in fizziness, breakage, or even dullness of your hair if you cannot take good care of them. 

Perm after your first wash gets loose. So it is always recommended to use a conditioner or a hydrating shampoo that keeps them nourishing and perfect. This will help bounce back your curls. Hence, if you are washing hair after a perm, it is good to use a nourishing shampoo or some hydrating shampoos to keep them looking good.

Third - Blow Dry Your Hair After Washing Out Your Perm

Many people are curious to know the question, can you shower after a perm? So, yes, you can take a shower for about 48 or 72 hours after perm, but it also has some drawbacks. Alike washing your hair, blow drying your hair has some side effects. 

The heat you may get while blow drying them can cause hair dryness, hair breakage, or cause split ends. Therefore, you can use a hair dryer, but it is not suitable for the health of your hair. Please make sure you always use a good leave-in conditioner when you wash hair after perm, and apply it regularly after a wash. 

Fourth - Oiling Your Hair After Perm

Oiling your hair after a perm is good for the health of your hair regardless of its texture and style. Many hair experts suggest you not use hair oil after a week of getting your perms done. But you can use it safely with your hair permed. Moreover, oiling can keep your hair well-moisturized. 

I washed my hair 24 hours after the perm, which has turned it into a bad condition. It would be best if you went to a renowned hair salon to get your treatment done. Additionally, a reputable expert will help clear your doubts regarding hair perming and its effects. The hairdresser will guide you on a better way to protect your hair after getting your perms done. 


Final Thoughts!

Washing out your hair after getting your perms done is an important setback. But you are always asked to take excellent care of your hair at home after getting your perms. We hope this write-up inscribed your concerns regarding the question, when can I wash my hair after a perm? And wish you good luck with your newly formed curls through perming.


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