What Is 3a Hair, And How Should You Care For It?

by Sally Beauty

What Is 3a Hair, And How Should You Care For It?Have you ever wondered what type of Hair you have?

Most women know their hair type, but if you don't, it's time to find out!

In this blog post, we'll be discussing 3a Hair. This is a common hair type for women, and it's important to know how to care for it properly. Read on for more information!

What Is 3a Hair?

So 3a hair type is a hair type that belongs to the curly hair group.

Type 3A hair is characterized by spiral curls that appear to be loose. The ringlets are generally tighter when someone has type 3B or type 3C Hair. So, if you have somewhat loose ringlets, it's probable that you have 3A Hair.

You have a fine to medium texture, which can give the appearance of flat curls. You normally don't have a lot of body or volume, but the right products can help add it. Also, this means your Hair is less likely to be frizzy than type 3B and 3C Hair.

How Does 3a Hair Type Look?

S-shaped spiral curls as wide as a piece of sidewalk chalk characterize this hair type. When your locks are dry, they have a glossy sheen and appear to be waves, particularly when wet.

3A Hair is curly and goes from the roots to the ends. This type of Hair generally has fewer frizz issues than tighter curls, although it can appear flatter overall. People with 3A strands usually have fine or medium-textured locks with rarely coarse pieces.

How To Care For 3a Hair?

Having type 3A hair is easy to manage when you follow our routines for washing, drying, and styling your locks. You'll get the best results by following our tailored tips for people with your hair type.


When you shampoo your Hair, be sure to use sulfate-free products designed for curly Hair. Sulfates tend to rip away the natural oils from your scalp, which causes frizziness and dryness.


Please don't use a towel to dry your hair after washing them. It's best to use a soft cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel. These materials are better and don't cause breakage or frizz. Avoid blow drying, but if it's something you must do, use the lowest heat setting for the blow dryer. This will help reduce frizziness and dryness caused by the heat.


Styling your 3a curls shouldn't be a daunting task. Just keep these things in mind. Firstly don't use heat stylers a lot. Try to avoid them at all costs. A hair straightener, iron curlers, and blow dryers are all heat tools. Avoid them. If you end up using them, make sure you use a heat protectant for your Hair before use.

Second, don't brush your Hair when it's dry. This might lead to frizz and damage. Instead of combing your Hair when wet, use a broad-toothed comb to untangle it gently.

Finally, choose products that are formulated to work with curly Hair. These will enhance the moisture and definition of your curls.

Best Hair Cuts For 2c/3a Curly Hair

If you have curly Hair, you know that not all haircuts are created equal. The best cuts for curly Hair take your specific curl pattern into account. This will ensure that your Hair looks its best and is easy to style.

Here are a few of the best haircuts for 2c/3a curly hair:

  • If you have curly hair, the Deva Cut can help give your curls more shape and definition.·    
  • The Lob: The lob is a versatile hairstyle that may be worn both curly and straight. This style will compliment your natural texture if you have 2c/3a curls.
  • The Pixie Cut: If you have 2c/3a curls, the Pixie Cut can be a great option. This cut can help minimize frizz and give your hair a more polished look.
  • The Bob: The bob is a versatile style that may be worn wavy or straight. This cut will compliment your natural texture if you have 2c/3a curls.

Best Products For 3a Hair Type

Curly-haired folks, make sure to use products catered specifically to your hair type! Curly Hair Products (CHP) are vastly different from other hair care items, and using them will help maintain moisture and enhance the definition of your curls. 3A curly-haired individuals should use hair products that contain the following:

  • Conditioner – A leave-in conditioner with a curl-specific formulation is required. To maintain your Hair silkily and smooth, these formulations should include more moisturizers. Look for shampoos and conditioners that aren't comprised of sulfates or harsh chemicals to hydrated tresses that are fully wet.
  • Curl definer – After you've conditioned your Hair, you'll want to keep it curled all day. Enter curl definer. This incredible product will give you tumble-free, glossy, and frizz-free curls.
  • Shine enhancer – A touch of shine oil to your curls might be beneficial on occasion. It may help your Hair stay healthier and brighter. On those steamy, sticky days, adding a smidgen of shine oil to your curls can protect against more frizz.
  • Wide-tooth comb –For 3A Hair, using a wide-tooth comb is the best way to style it. You can gently sweep it through your hair while it is still wet after you put conditioner on it. This will help to spread the conditioner evenly. You can also use a wide-tooth comb to untangle any knots without breaking or damaging your Hair.

Fine-toothed combs and strong brushes are not recommended for 3A curls.


So there you have it, in a nutshell! Understanding the ins and outs of caring for your type 3A hair may appear overwhelming. However, after you've figured out your Hair's demands, caring for it will become second nature to you. In no time, you'll be a hair expert and curl-care whiz!


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