What Are Wicks And How To Get Wicks Hair?

what are wicks and how to ger wicks hair

The fashion of having Wicks Dreads has recently been blown up in popularity in South Florida. You might have seen social media influencers and celebrities wear this aesthetic look. 

If you want to know about Wicks Dreads and how to get these looks, you have come to the right site. Today, we will cover everything you need to know about Wicks Dreads and how to get the amazing dreadlock wicks hairstyle. So, let’s find it out!

What is Wicks Dreads?

Wicks Dreads, also known as loc and dreadlocks, are rope-like strands of your hair that can be formed through braiding or locking the hair. The wicks are extremely dense, and some people use 4-10 of them for their hairstyle.

This wicks hairstyle has evolved from different religions and countries, including Africa, Israel, and ancient Greece. Moreover, it took the name of wicks dreads from a candle wick used for everyday purposes; however, it stands straight up and has its long wicks hanging in a downward position.

What Should Be The Length Of Your Hair To Get Wicks Dreads?

Are you the one being conscious about the length of your hair to get wick dreads? This part of the write-up is especially for you. To get wicks hair, your hair should be at least 6 inches to start making the wicks; this is enough hair length that stands a few inches higher than your scalp after making the wicks.

One of the advantages of installing wicks on long hair is that you can easily get the long wicks right off the bat. However, it takes hours to get your wicks done into the hair.

Methods Of Getting Wick Locs

You might be thinking about how to get wicks. So, here are the four major methods that are used to get wick locs into your hair. Just read out the below-mentioned points to get to know about them.

1: The Crochet Wick Combine Method:

The crochet wick method of creating wicks in your hair is one of the incredible methods that many celebrities have used for years. This method requires you to gather the locs with a crochet needle. There is no need to give extra time to your wicks; you can just get them instantly. Florida wicks hairstyle is a famous wicks hairstyle.

Following are the ways you can transmit your loose hair into wicks.

  • Section your locks or loose hair by using rubber bands to know how much of the number of wicks you need.
  • Cultivate your wicks now. You will need single, double, or maybe triple-prong crochet needles to get your wick's structure and shape. Hold your hair between the thumb, index, and middle fingers, and start crocheting. 
  • You can start from the roots of your hair and then pull down the crochet tool in and out of each section. Now crochet all around the wick locks and create a round shape. After this, you will notice your hair starting to tangle into a cylindrical shape. That’s how you can form the entire dreads wicks hairstyle.

2: Rubber Band Method:

Another way to get hair wick is to use the famous rubber band method hairstyles. All you need to do is to combine a few of your loose hair into some large sections and then put a rubber band down the length of every section.

For the first time, you need to leave the rubber bands for about 3 weeks to even a month. After that, remove all the rubber bands from your hair and check if the hair has started to create loc on its own.

3: The Freedom Method Of Hair Locs:

Yes, getting freeform long wick dreads is also possible, and that's how you can do it. Just read out the instructions and get amazing hair wicks now. You can start making wicks in hair by growing and freely locking them without manipulating them much. You just need to wash out your hair and oil them when needed.

If your roots begin to fuse into one locs, just separate them as per the thickness and amount of the wicks you want. For over a week, this will turn into natural wicks. 

Always remember that the freedom wicks will never have a good appearance compared to the crochet wicks. However, if you want perfect wicks, go for the crochet wicks.

4: Combine Method:

The combined method of getting the wick dreads is one of the easiest methods of getting wick dreads. This renowned method creates the locs by typing the already existing dreadlock wicks. You can get this look with the rubber band method, crochet method, or even with the combined method technique. 

In some cases, similar to the Congos hairstyle, the young dreadlocks are combined with the length to get the perfectly created wicks in long, straight hair. 

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