How To Use Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibrating Massager

by Sally Beauty

Remember the days when people flaunted whatever body they had and told everyone that they were proud of how they were? Those days are gone, dead, never to come back. With the increasing popularity of entertainment, social media, and sports stars boasting toned abs, six packs, and perfectly cut-out bodies, everyone not only wants to look like that but also seeks the company of people like that.

The famous adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ applies most truly in this scenario than any other, as re-forming stubborn body parts into cute shapes you watch on TV and the internet requires carefully managed diets, healthy social and sleeping routines, and most importantly, a lot of hard work in the gym. The latter is the most critical aspect of creating a buffed look for your body. Unfortunately, the body parts don’t always enjoy the stress they must endure during frequent workouts and develop pains, aches, and soreness. Those issues would typically require the attention of a specialist to resolve, but not everyone is up for that.  

However, those people yearning for something they could utilize after each workout to soothe their body parts were in luck, as Hyperice responded to their call with its fabulous Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager.

What Is A Cordless Vibration Massager?

What is a Cordless Vibration Massager

Vibration Massager goes by many other names, such as ‘Massage Gun,’ ‘Portable Massager,’ ‘Percussion Massager, ’ etc. – is a wireless electronic device that looks and works like a power drill. Instead of having a pointed drill bit in the chuck to drill holes into buildings and surfaces, this device contains interchangeable attachments (called ‘heads’) at the front end. When the massager is turned on, those heads ‘vibrate’ or ‘percuss’ at high frequencies and low amplitudes, improving the blood flow in the body part brought in contact with those heads and soothing the pain and aches felt by it.   

How Many Cordless Vibration Massagers Are By Hyperice?

There are three main offerings in the Hypervolt lineup of Vibration Massagers by Hyperice:

  • Hypervolt Go 2

The smallest of Hypervolt’s massagers is built for quick transportability and easy grasp. Weighing just about 1.5 lbs, with a 40W motor, this Hypervolt Go 2 is tiny and gets the job done in most cases, although it has limitations due to its smaller size and the fact that it comes with only 2 types of attachments (Flat and Bullet).

  • Hypervolt 2

Slightly bulkier than the Hypervolt Go 2 with 1.8 lbs, this massage gun is a middle-of-road product that aims to strike a balance between the smallest and the most prominent versions of the Hypervolt lineup. Similar to the Go mentioned above 2, this version also provides three different speed settings and is powered by a 60W motor. It also connects to the Hyperice app via Bluetooth to provide automated speed control if a user is interested. It has special-purpose Patented Pressure Sensor Technology, which displays how much pressure is applied. This version contains 5 attachments (Fork, cushion, flat, ball, bullet) to serve as the head.

  • Hypervolt 2 Pro

The biggest and the meanest product in the Hypervolt series is the Hypervolt 2 Pro. This iteration of Hyperice’s Massage Gun catalog weighs 2.6 lbs. It features a whopping 5 different speed settings, allowing intimidated users to work up to a higher speed setting very slowly. This machine is powered by a 90W Brushless High-Torque Motor and features Bluetooth, Patented Pressure Sensor Technology functionalities, and 5 attachments similar to the Hypervolt 2. This is the premium product by Hyperice, which enable users to get the ultimate Hypervolt vibration massage.

How To Use Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager

Due to many buttons and spare parts, Hyperice’s Vibration Massagers can look complicated, but they are pretty easy to use after several tries. All you have to do is follow these to utilize a Hypervolt vibration massager with maximum efficiency.
  • Turn on the device.
  • Adjust the intensity as desired. Newer users should start with lower frequencies (about 1200 RPM) and up to higher frequencies once they become acclimatized to this device.  
  • Place the ‘head’ at the front end of the sore joint. 
  • Make sure to slowly and gradually move the vibration massager over the body part, and be careful not to rush it.
  • Various attachments (usually 4 types) come with massage guns, each designed for different body parts. So, decide which body part you want to use the massage gun on, and then fix the corresponding attachment at the front end to use.

To make the most of Hyper volt Plus Cordless Vibration Massagers, use them on sore joints and muscles after a heavy workout session. Be careful to only use these devices for 1-2 minutes at a time, as over-using them might do more harm than good. Adjust the frequency which you consider suitable for your body, as going for higher frequencies early on may cause more muscle pain. Also, avoid hitting wounds, fractures, or nerves with this device; the vibrations caused by a massage gun can exacerbate the pain felt in those body parts. People suffering from skin-related issues or using blood thinner medicines are advised to consult their doctors before using Hypervolt Plus Massage Guns. Using these devices with those issues can create medical complications.  

Hypervolt vs Theragun

hypervolt vs theregun

Hypervolt and Theragun are the two most recognizable brands in the field of vibration massage guns. People keep running the Hypervolt vs. Theragun comparisons to determine which is the better choice. While Theragun products are also solid and particularly popular due to their triangular shapes, which allow for better grips, those devices are extremely loud. Hypervolt massage guns, on the other hand, are known for being extremely quiet and also provide a better speed dial to notch the frequency setting up and down. This established Hypervolt as the clear favorite among the two brands regarding vibration massagers.  

Final Thoughts

Physical fitness relies heavily on frequent workouts, creating issues for fragile human body parts. Only some people are thrilled about having to consult a physical specialist all the time to address sore joints after a workout session. Hyperice is acutely aware of this problem and presents the sophisticated Hypervolt series of Vibration Massagers for those who want to relieve themselves instantly of the pains and aches caused by intensive physical activities. There is more than one product in this lineup, which allows every user to choose the one which suits their needs the best. 


Hypervolt massage gun how to use?

  • Could you turn it on?
  • Place the head at the aching body part.
  • Choose the desired intensity on the massage gun.
  • Slowly move the attachment head at the body part for a few minutes.

Which Hypervolt To Buy?

There are 3 types of Hypervolt Vibration Massagers. Choose the one which suits your needs the best.

  • Hypervolt Go 2

The smallest and the lightest massager, easy to grip and handle but lacks robust features.

  • Hypervolt 2

The middle child of the Hypervolt lineup, this one strikes a balance between the smallest and the most significant products in this series.

  • Hypervolt 2 Pro

The most significant product in the Hypervolt series of massage guns. This one provides the most features and the most satisfactory massaging experience of the whole lineup.

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