How to grow a beard?

by Sally Beauty

Growing a beard is like growing a glass; you must wait for the proper growth and thickness. Moreover, you have to trim and style it almost after every weak. As you grow younger, the urge to have a beard keeps increasing in boys. 

I bet every boy in his life, who once looked in a mirror, has thought about how a beard will look on him. And well, this is quite common, but some boys are obsessed with growing a beard. Especially by looking at actors and models, this obsession further keeps growing. But the, facial growth highly depends on your genetics and hormones. Like some men have their full beards at the age of 17 or 19. At the same time, some can't grow a beard till their 20's. 

But this is no problem anymore; now, you can grow a beard faster and achieve the beard of your dreams. This is what our topic is about today. This article will tell you some of the best tricks and tips to grow your beard much faster. So, let's get into the guide:

How to grow a beard fast?

Your diet and lifestyle both are very important in growing a beard. We have explained some tips for growing a beard below through which you can grow your beard much faster.

     1. Exercise  

The first method to grow your beard faster is "Exercise," which improves blood flow and stimulates hair follicle growth. Exercise such as weightlifting and strength training can also temporarily increase testosterone levels. Try changing your training and the time of day you do it. Testosterone levels in young men fluctuate naturally throughout the day, rising in the morning and falling in the afternoon. 

     2. Diet 

 The second method is proper nutrition with a healthy and balanced diet that can benefit both the beard and the body. Obesity can lower testosterone levels, so it's important to balance your body mass index within normal limits. Several nutrients, like zinc, are very beneficial to restoring your testosterone levels. Although maintaining a healthy diet does not invalidate genetics, it can help your hair become healthier and brighter. You can add the following things to your diet:

  • Proteins like lean, salmon, and chicken
  • Iron 
  • Healthy carbohydrates and other whole grains 
  • Zinc-rich foods such as chickpeas and nuts 
  • Healthy fruits like avocado 
  • Fruits and vegetables contain B vitamins and vitamins like A, C, D, and E. All these vitamins help grow your hair. 

     3. Supplements and Vitamins for beard growth 

 There are several dietary vitamins and supplements specially designed for beard growth. 

 If your diet does not provide all the nutrients you need, taking iron and zinc dietary supplements or multivitamins is equally beneficial. 

     4. Sleep 

 Sleep is very important for optimizing your overall health. It also helps the beard grow. 

 Testosterone is an important factor in your system that is released during primary sleep. Inadequate sleep, rest, apnea, and sleep fragmentation can interfere with this process. 

According to a small study, it has been discovered that daily sleep restrictions can reduce testosterone levels in healthy young men. Another study shows that testosterone levels peaked at the beginning of the first REM sleep cycle and remained at that level until awakening.

     5. Washing and moisturizing 

 Keeping your skin and beard clean is very important. Therefore, regular washing and moisturizing can positively affect the appearance of your beard. 

 Exfoliate the face and leave the pores open. Washing and moisturizing will remove dead skin cells from your face and debris around each hair follicle. It also helps in reducing ingrown hair under your beard. Specially formulated for beards, the 

 Leave-in Conditioner keeps your hair soft and moist and helps with conditioning. This eliminates dandruff on the beard and makes the beard look richer. You can try creams, oils, and lotions to find the best type for your skin type and beard.

How to grow a full beard?

Growing a full beard is not so easy. It would help if you had proper cutting, trimming, and maintenance. Other than that, you need various products like beard wax and beard pencil filler so that your beard looks good and presentable. 

Here are some of the through which you can grow a full beard:

     1. Stop Shaving & trimming 

It takes time and patience to grow a big beard style. Perseverance is the key to achieving your dream big beard, as Mother Nature does not work overnight. How long does it take for the beard to grow? 

 Genetics, testosterone levels, and lifestyle choices all play a role. The average hair growth rate is about 0.5 inches a month, so a full beard can last from 3 months to a year, depending on your style. A balanced diet, exercise, good sleep, and proper beard care will help your beard grow faster, thicker, and longer. However, patience may be the only best hint for growing a long beard. Please do not give up immediately. 

      2. Regularly use beard oil  

 Most people use products like moisturizers to replenish the skin, and facial hair requires similar care and attention. Like your skin, your beard is damaged by the effects of the environment. Making beard oil your new best friend can help you grow your beard. Regularly oiling your beard will not grow faster, but taking care of your long beard will prevent it from breaking and make it look thicker and healthier than it would be. Massage with beard oil daily to soften, nourish and naturally shine the hair on your face. 

      3. Use beard brush daily 

 Daily grooming is essential for growing and maintaining a long beard that stands out for all good reasons. This is especially true if you are trying to grow a bold, tall beard style. A good beard comb or brush can do awesome things to keep you in top shape during the tricky growing season. 

 Shaving and trimming the beard is out of the question, but you still need to ensure it looks good. Invest in a high-quality boar hair beard brush and store it with you to prevent your full beard from becoming a knot or mat during the day. 

      4. Shave and trim the edges 

 When you bear a beard, remember that it's a journey. You may need to make your facial hair look a little mottled or wild for a while until you get the look you want. Once you have enough hair to cover your face, the volume will begin to increase. Using a beard trimmer when you have hair on your face may sound counterproductive, but with proper grooming, your long beard will stay clean and look enviable. You will find some of the best trimmers on Amazon that will give smooth edges to your beard and ensure cleanness, even lines across your face.


Q1. How long does it take to grow a beard?

Ans. It usually takes 2 to 4 months to grow a beard. Your hair grows about 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters(mm) daily. Those with fast facial hair growth can grow bread in 1 to 2 months. 

 Q2. Why can't I grow a beard?

Ans. The most common reason why most people can't grow a beard is due to genetic factors and hormones. 

Q3. How to grow a beard if you can't?

Ans. There are many surgical procedures available in the market that help you implant facial hairs for beards, but they are expensive. Therefore, here are some of the ways through which you can grow your beard:

  1. Take a healthy diet 
  2. Be patient 
  3. Avoid stress
  4. Take proper sleep 
  5. Don't smoke

Q4. Should I grow a beard?

Ans. Whether you should grow a beard or not in your decision, we can only help you but if you're deciding to grow your beard for the first then think about whether the beard will look on your face or not. According to the research and surveys, beards will give you more confidence than a clean shave. Also, the men with the beard will look stronger and more mature. 

Q5. Can anyone grow a beard?

Ans. Yes, any man can grow a beard, but it depends on his facial hair and how much he can grow. 


In the end, we hope this guide has been informative and informative. Although, we try to explain each possible method you can use to grow your beard faster. But if we have missed anything or if there's some other method that has worked for you, share it with us in the comment section. We will be happy to know your recommendation. 

If you still need help or advice on any beauty trend, contact us at We will be happy to help you. Thank you. 




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