Benefits of Massage Gun

by Sally Beauty

You might have heard that a massage gun is really good and has many benefits, but you will not easily trust that simply by reading one statement or a blog. Well, it's true, and I am not criticizing that because it's human nature, you only believe the things you have seen with your own eyes or have used personally. Therefore, after using the massage gun personally, I have experienced some of the amazing benefits I want to share so that if you are thinking about buying the massage gun, you can confidently buy it. So, in this blog post, I am going to share the benefits of a massage gun that I have noticed after using it, so let's begin:

Benefits of massage gun therapy

Massage gun is also famous for the name percussive therapy. Now, you might be wondering what percussive therapy is.

It's a kind of therapy that involves pressure and vibration. Maybe you might have experience in old times, or you can say before the invention of massage guns, whenever you feel pain in your body, you go for a massage that works. Although the method is good, it requires a lot of money, effort, and time. By the money, I mean if you are going for a massage like 3 times a month, it will be really expensive. The better and more cost-effective solution is to make a one-time investment by buying a massage gun.

Now, moving back to how massage guns act as therapy, I noticed that massage guns help relieve stress and improve sleep. Two main chemicals in our body are responsible for happiness: the first one is dopamine, and the second is serotine. The massage gun helps in releasing these two chemicals by relaxing our bodies. The second thing I mentioned was that it helped me improve my sleep. Many people may need to face irregular sleep patterns due to their hectic routines. Always remember that sleep deprivation is the main cause of stress, mood disorder, and lack of concentration. Massage will improve your sleep by improving your cardiovascular health and cognitive function, ultimately decreasing your brain's stress. 

 Benefits of massage gun for athletes

From the above discussion, now that you know massage guns are great for internal therapy, we will discuss how it helps it externally. I love badminton, but I don't get a chance to play often due to my busy schedule. But, whenever I play after a long time, my arms start to hurt for 2 to 4 days. At that time, the massage gun was a blessing for me. After using it for about half an hour, I feel a muscle soreness reduction, and the pain gradually decreases. Now, a massage gun increases blood circulation and enhances your soft tissues, which ultimately reduces muscle cramps and spasms.

If it works for me, it can also work for you. The massage gun is great for all athletes and sports persons.

Benefits of massage gun after workout

After the pandemic, people are now more focused on their fitness. Whether you work out in the gym or at home, strengthening your muscles is important. You might have read the slogan at gyms "No pain, no gain." Pain is essential because when you are doing any workout or exercise, your muscles are changing their position and adapting to a new change. But living with that pain is difficult. The massage gun will increase your muscle strength and reduce your body's pain, ultimately increasing your workout time. 

Benefits of massage gun on stomach

Using a massage gun on my stomach! Yeah, it works well for me. Let me explain to you that your nervous system is your body's central and, therefore, an important contributor. Your nervous system is responsible for transmitting and receiving pain signals. The massage gun helps stimulate the sympathetic nervous system when your body struggles to relax on its own. In addition, it reduces stress, relaxes muscles, improves your body's mobility, and brings your body back to its normal function.

Using the massage gun on the abdomen can improve your digestive system and reduce constipation. In the old days, people did various massages to detoxify their bodies and improve digestion. But nowadays, people use stimulation guns for stomach upset, cramps, and bloating. Research has shown that people who use massage guns experience less constipation and have fewer digestive problems.

Benefits of massage gun on sore muscles

DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness, can be a real pain and last up to three days after a hard workout. Massage gun therapy can greatly ease this pain and get you going again.

A 2014 study(1) shows that vibration therapy can significantly improve muscle endurance, increase strength, and improve kinesthetic awareness. This, in turn, dramatically improves muscle performance and can significantly reduce DOMS. But wait a minute, I thought percussion massagers offered percussion therapy, not vibration therapy? Well, don't think about it too much. Both therapies use the same mechanism. However, percussive therapy works directly through muscle tissue and has the potential to provide much more powerful and specific results. Current research on vibration therapy indicates that percussive therapy might be a much more effective treatment option. If you are experiencing real-time muscle pain, percussive therapy can help by dissolving the pain signals sent from your brain to your body. It's more or less the same as when you bang your head against a hard object and rub the painful area with your hand. Maybe not exactly, but you get the point.

Benefits of massage gun on sore muscles

A massage gun on muscles can speed up training recovery and increase flexibility. It does this by relieving lactic acid buildup and improving circulation. It stimulates the muscles around the feet, keeps them mobile, prevents injuries, and reduces pain in the feet and ankles. If you have cold, numb, or cramping feet, it could be a sign of poor circulation. Many things can cause poor circulation in the feet, including long days at the desk, poor diet, inadequate footwear, or conditions such as diabetes. Using a massage gun on your feet will improve blood flow and help bring nutrient-rich blood to your feet, keeping them healthy. Foot massage not only relieves foot pain. Reflexology, a type of foot massage, has been shown to reduce pain throughout the body, such as headaches and neck pain. In a 2016 study, reflexology was found to relieve chronic low back pain in nurses who spent long days on their feet. Foot massage improves mood; some pressure points on the feet can relieve depression and anxiety. In a 2018 study, foot and hand massage in a clinical setting reduced anxiety and even improved patients' vital signs. After a stressful day, a foot massage is incredibly relaxing, especially if you've been on your feet a lot.


Q1. Do massage guns help build muscle?

Ans. Yes, a massage gun helps blood circulation, which ultimately helps your muscles in size and health.

Q2. Can massage gun cause blood clots?

Ans. Yes, if not used correctly, massage guns and deep tissue guns are the same. In Particular, we do not recommend pregnant women not use massage guns.

Q3. What does a massage gun do?

Ans. Massage guns help in blood circulation, relieve pain, release muscle soreness and, if used with proper diet and exercise, help you to reduce belly fat.

Q4. What are massage guns good for?

Ans. Massage guns are great for It improves lymph flow, remove toxins from the body, and support the immune system.


So, after trying a lot of massage guns, the one that I feel is good, affordable, and has the best feature is "Booster M2 Massage Gun." But there are also a wide variety of other massage guns that you can check and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. Thank you. 


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