5 Shocking Benefits of Massage Gun on Stomach

by Sally Beauty

Massager guns are now more popular than ever before. You might have heard about the but using a massager on the stomach is quite a rare topic. So, when you read the title, many questions will come to your mind, like, can I use a massage gun on my stomach? Does it help in weight loss? Or does a massage gun help lose fat? 

We summarized your answers in this blog and explained some benefits of using a massage gun on the stomach. So, here they are 

Benefits of Massage Guns

1. Alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness

Massager guns are best for reducing muscle soreness and stiffness. It can be used before or after the workout according to your needs. So, whether you need pre-warm or need to relax your body after the workout, they are great for that. The massage guns help alleviate muscle spasms and rigidity that can lead to muscle ischemia. It mostly happens when there is no proper blood supply in your muscle, and as a result, you will feel uncomfortable contractions in your muscles that cause pain. 

The gun uses advanced technology that creates a deep vibration in your muscles, promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation and muscle tension. This process is known as "percussive therapy," in which pressure is directly applied to soft tissue, resulting in a quick recovery. 

2. Releases lactic acid 

Lactic acid is a chemical by-product of anaerobic respiration, which usually occurs in the body when there is not enough oxygen. It's an organic acid that is white in the solid-state. It mainly occurs in muscle cells and red blood cells during exercise. It breaks down the carbohydrates in the body. Although the lactic acid does not cause any muscle soreness but high levels of lactic acid can lead to hyperlactatemia and lactic acidosis. 

It usually occurs as a result of an intense workout. You will feel exhausted and nauseous, and your body will start to burn up. The massage gun increases the oxygen to the tissues and helps you flush out all the lactic acid and toxins from the body. 

 3. Improve the range of motion 

Using the massager gun on your stomach will help you enhance your range of motion. It collectively works on your muscles, tendons, connective tissues, ligaments, and joints to make them relaxed. It reduces the stiffness of your muscles. Regular use will give your joints the flexibility that results in great athletic performance. It strengthens your muscles and fascial tissues, making your body more stable and less susceptible to strains and sprains. It increases the body's natural lubricants to improve your body's mobility. 

 4. Activate your nervous system 

Your nervous system is the central and the main contributor to your body that controls your muscle activity. Your nervous system is responsible for transmitting and receiving pain signals. The massager gun will help stimulate the sympathetic nervous system when your body is troubling relaxing on its own. Moreover, it reduces stress, makes your muscles relax, improves your body's mobility, and restores your body to its normal functionality. 

5. Improve your digestive system

Using the massager gun on your stomach will help you improve your digestive system and relieve you from constipation. In old times, people take different massages to detoxify their bodies and improve digestive health. But today, people use massager guns for stomach ailments, cramping, and bloating. Research has shown that people who use massage guns experience decreased constipation and have fewer digestive problems. 


Q1. Can you use massage gun on stomach?

Ans. Yes, you can use a massage gun on your stomach. It's perfectly safe, but you must be cautious while using it on other body parts. It would help if you kept moving it around the tiny radius instead of holding it in one place for a few seconds.

Q2. Can a massage gun help with weight loss?

Ans. Yes, if it is used along with diet and workout. A case study shows that obese women who used massage guns with diet lost considerable weight.

Q3. Can you use massage gun on abs?

Ans. Yes, you can use a massage gun on your abs. It's completely safe. The message gun will increase blood circulation and relieve your muscles with percussive massage.

Q4. Can electric massager reduce belly fat?

Ans. No, it doesn't reduce or break down fat cells. It only helps you get rid of sagging skin.

Q5. Will using a massage gun will give me a six-pack?

Ans. No, it will only give you a massage and relieve your muscles. It will only wiggle your fat, not turn it into a six-pack.


Using a massage gun has so many benefits if used in the right way. So, if you are interested in buying a massager gun but not sure where to buy it from, we will help you take the first step. We are one of the largest retailers that sell saloon quality beauty products and offer a wide variety in massagers. So, if you need any help or advice related to beauty products, contact us at info@sallybeautyonline.com. 

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